Hillary Morris Print

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had made it back from a scary place. One night, she met two boys at her best friend’s party. One boy declared her “the girl of his dreams.” The other boy had a cat, and was older and wiser. She picked him. The girl and the dreaming boy started a long friendship.

For their first Christmas, the boy with the cat presented her with this picture, by her favourite painter of her favourite city. The painter and the boy with the cat became friends.

For a wedding present, the dreaming boy bought the boy with the cat and the girl gift certificates for tattoos so they could write their love on their bodies. But no matter how long they thought, the boy
with the cat and the girl could not come up with a way to do this.
They gave the painter the gift certificates and moved away.

Over the next decade, there was much moving of cities, and changing of lives. The boy with the cat and the girl realized that their lives were moving away from their life together. The girl called the dreaming boy for help, which became love, which they wrote on their bodies. The friendship between the painter and the boy with the cat developed into more, and the painter used the dreaming boy’s wedding gift to the boy with the cat and the girl to write love on her body.

Living is about changing and loving. All four of us want this painting to go to a loving new place to help women fleeing from violence to find safety and love.